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THE BARD CLUB is an American novel about five country children and of a school teacher who changes their lives and opens their minds through the writings of William Shakespeare.  The story takes place during World War ll in the quaint fishing village of Solomons Island, Maryland.  Teacher Bessie McMath begins to record events of the town and its people based on the writings of her students through their interpretation of Shakespeare.

The story ends when members of THE BARD CLUB show their spunk and become national heroes due to a bizarre series of events that lead to the capture of a German submarine.  THE BARD CLUB is a comedy and a tragedy in the everyday struggle to exist in peace and love, and in the understanding of nature and human character.



Fun Story, January 8, 2014

By Richard Mucci (

I see this as a great story for middle school kids.  I am convinced that if more books like this were read by kids our language culture wouldn’t be deteriorating as it is.  So many kids have not been exposed to great literature, classic art and classic music.  Mr. Mears may have found a way!


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