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                   Ebb of the River - Anubis Rex - Saint Nick and the Space Nicks



Richard Chase Mears lives in Lenox, Massachusetts, and he is the owner of Whistler’s Inn, Lenox, Massachusetts.  He enjoys meeting guests from around the world, where occasional writers convene at the inn to talk about literature.  Richard is currently writing his fifth novel.
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Richard Chase Mears was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1935. Following a lineage of sea captains and plantation owners, he was well schooled in Southern tradition. Tragedy in his early life sent him into seclusion where he sought refuge on the Chesapeake estuaries and particularly on the Patuxent River. Here he acquired a deep knowledge and love for the river, its wildlife and the woodlands. Sensing his pending academic doom, his father sent him to a private boys’ school taught by Jesuits in the classic tradition. His restlessness and love of knowledge and adventure tore him from a traditional life in Baltimore. He joined the United States Air Force in Air Force Intelligence which took him around the world. When he settled after three years of experience and adventure he continued his education in writing and journalism at Pennsylvania State University after which he ventured into New York City and explored the fields of film production and agency advertising ( J. Walter Thompson, 1961-1963 - a Mad Men experience where he met his wife of 50 years) and went into investment management. In 1974, he became president of his own investment company (Richard C. Mears Inc) in San Francisco and has since added a division, Richard Chase Mears Books for film and novel production. His adventures have evolved into exploring Africa and writing fiction: Ebb Of The River, Anubis Rex/The Jupiter File, St. Nick And The Space Nicks (his first children’s book),The Bard Club, Naga Basa, The Four Seasons Of Spring and a seventh coming novel series Chardonnay Red/ Carlyle Blues.