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Ebb Of The River

"... does what a good novel should, create character, evoke time and place, and examine moral character -- what the Mississippi was to Huck Finn, the Patuxent in Maryland is to Ebb."

--The Los Angeles Times

Published by Simon & Schuster in 1980. Excellent reviews followed from around the country. Then the novel,Ebb Of The River, was condemned by the marketing department of Simon & Schuster as "racially accurate but tough ... disqualify it for use in corporate promotions."Mark Twain's novel Huckleberry Finn had the same fate. Ebb Of The River is now a collector's book.

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"Like the river itself, this first novel flows so powerfully that we are finally carried away."

--Washington Post Book World

" ...catches the aimlessness of youth with its ability to live each day as it comes. The final effect is a rediscovery of the universality of youth, regardless of time, place or race."

--Columbus Dispatch

"It has a wonderful timeless quality... sweet and eloquent and unalterably Southern."

--Anne Seddons

"Maryland's Patuxent River, a backdrop for rich American folklore as well as shameful racial history, has a life of its own in this novelistic treatment of a boy's growing up... his vignettes of a halcyon Southern boyhood and the duality of human nature are compelling, offering much to enjoy and ponder."

--Publisher's Weekly

"With his intimate knowledge of the place and its people, his considerable powers of observation and a fine gift for expression, Mears has been able to create a rare story of the Chesapeake Bay."

--The Asbury Park Press

" ...about responsibility ...he did so cleverly, almost too cleverly."

--Baltimore Sun

"Mears writes wonderfully of boyhood's pains and discoveries, from circuses to kisses. And his observations of nature are sure."

--The News American

Initially condemned  by Simon and Schuster/Wyndham Books because it was considered “racially accurate” but too “tough,”  it was disqualified from corporate promotions  in June 1980.  The book is now a collector’s book.

Anubis Rex

A thriller with all the characters you want to know and follow throughout this tale of suspense and intrigue. Well rounded like a fine wine.  Anonymous

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

  1. 1.Karen Nardo says Review by Karen Nardo for Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

    What a wonderful addition to anyone’s library whether you are 7 or 70. An interesting twist on an otherwise incredible tale of childhood dreams and hopes. The illustrations are wonderful and imaginative. I know I will enjoy this book for many years and look forward to sharing it with my family. Enjoy!

  2. 2.Louanne Stebor says Review by Louanne Stebor for Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

    with an abundance of enchanting illustrations throughout. This inspired book is charming and poignant and truly captures the wonder of Christmas in an imaginative way.

  1. 4.   Daniel Humphrey says Review by Daniel Humphrey for Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

    Saint Nick & the Space Nicks is a wonderful holiday treat for children

    of all ages. Brilliant illustrations and a wildly imaginative story make this a must for all Christmas-loving kids and adults. Buy this book and read it with your kids, you’ll all love it.

  2. 5.  Michael T. Lukowiak says Review by Michael T. Lukowiak for Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

    This is a must have to add to your child’s book collection. Amazing illustrations and an equally entertaining story…how could you go wrong. This will hold your interest no matter what age you are. Finally an original story that get is truly a joy to read.

  1. 6. Sastrugi says Review by Sastrugi for Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

    This book is both hilarious and touching. A modern fairy tale, something like a combination of Dr. Seuss and Bloom                 County. The enchanting story pops off the page thanks to the illustrations, which are in a league with (though a different style    from) Stephen Gammell and Chris Van Allsburg. Highly recommended.


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